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Author of The Jane Loop

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About The Jane Loop

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Book Cover for The Jane Loop novel by Graham Jackson, Toronto

Cover designed by Angel Guerra.


About The Jane Loop

The Jane Loop is published by Cormorant Books and is distributed by University of Toronto Press.

ISBN 9781770864801 | 5.5″ x 8.5″ | TPB | $22


For the suburbanites of 1960s Toronto, the Jane Loop streetcar terminal is the gateway to the vibrant and uninhibited city. For Neil Bennett, it is also an escape — escape from his father’s sadistic pranks, the taunts of childhood bullies, and the rigid propriety of his Islington neighbourhood. The summer before Neil’s seventeenth birthday, the façade of respectability is shattered when a vigilante begins to break into nearby homes, exposing the transgressions of his neighbours. The break-ins, along with the arrival of an alluring new bread delivery man and a visit from his aunt Sylvia from Hollywood, embolden him to finally explore the possibilities that exist beyond his own street.

With evocative writing and engaging dialogue, Graham Jackson masterfully explores the subtle complexities of life in 1960s suburban Toronto in this provocative coming-of-age journey to self-discovery.


"With lean prose that achieves admirable clarity and compelling rhythms, Graham Jackson has written a no-holds-barred dive into the psyche of his characters that is frightening, compelling and ultimately exalting."

Jaime Manrique, author of Latin Moon in Manhattan and Eminent Maricones.


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Back cover of The Jane Loop by Toronto author Graham Jackson


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